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The Arnold Motor Supply Night of Fire can be more than a handful as there are many variables that affect the final outcome. The 2012 event was one for the record books in many ways. While, I'm not gonna go on forever, I will rattle off several random thoughts ...

* It was the first time that almost all the employees showed up to work as scheduled.
* While there had not been a measurable rain in almost two months, we lost nearly an hour of track time to rain.
* A new Nitro Funny Car record was set at a blazing 5.83
* Chris Schmitz scored a runner-up in Super Shifter competition carrying on the family tradition of final rounds started decades ago by his father Mike "Heavy Duty" Schmitz.
* Amazingly Jeff Wild was not hurt in a massive wheelie competition crash.
* Life does look different as I was working the grill for more than an hour Saturday night between Pro rounds.
* Dumpster Dan was amazing after having heart surgery less than 10 days before he will still out in full force during the NOF event.
* The event went long as we had a late start with the feature show trying to get more sportsman rounds completed.
* The first round of Funny Cars and Pro Mods was probably the best racing I have witnessed in 10 years.
* The "Extreme Machine" Jet Semi always amazes me and kind of freaks me out.
* Special thanks to Jeff Wild who actually trailered his crashed vehicle to the meet and greet. Talk about class, this guy has it.
* Can anyone say "Super Shifters" and "Fire in the Pipes" better than announcer Tommy "T-Bone" Keane?

Special thanks to all the fans that came out to the track in spite of a less than favorable economy. I understand that you want a value when spending your hard earned money. We appreciate that you hung in with us for the finale that was much later than we had planned and hoped for.

Thanks also goes to all the sportsman racers who made the short calls to the lanes for competition. I understand it's hard to take second stage to the feature cars and time restraints mandated with big crowd shows. We would have loved to get all the classes completed, but it just wasn't in the cards. I truly respect those who understand both sides of the coin and that the Night of Fire event allows us to stay in operation and make facility improvements. A wise man can see the big picture here. Those who don't get it, probably never will ..

Until next time be safe!

Scott Gardner