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2013 Iowa Street Car Shootout
layout, rules and registration

5th Annual Iowa Street Car Shootout

October 5th 2013
Cedar Falls Raceway, 6200 W. Bennington Rd., Cedar Falls, IA 50647

There will be two classes this year. One intended for manual transmissions with virtually no rules. The 2nd class is for Automatics. This auto class is intended for cars that are street driven (not just street legal) and spend far more time on the street vs the track.

Manual Shootout
-Heads Up, single elimination, True manuals only. Clutch, clutch pedal, syncros (no faceplated manuals)
-Any tire allowed

Daily Driver Auto Street Car Class
Heads Up, single elimination, Any tire allowed
All below items are required for autos (waivers can be granted on a case by case basis)
-Functional windows, doors, hatch (must all roll down or open)
-Plates and registration and insurance, no dealer plates, vin must match
-No lexan
-All working lights, turn signals, brake, both head and tail lights (none removed)
-No one piece/lift off front ends
-Passenger seat
-Full exhaust (must exit behind fronts seats or farther to the rear, no open headers or open downpipes)
-Cockpit operated exhaust cutouts can be used, must be able to fully close and open exhaust from cockpit during inspection
-Muffler or resonator (except on turbo cars)
-Door panels
-Factory Dash
-Cage/chassis: Max 8.50 legal (10/12 point); No 25.x; No Funny Car Hoops; No back half/tubular frame rails; No wheelie bars or 'chutes
-Interior: Must have all factory-type interior (headliner, carpet, door panels, dash) Rear Seat Delete OK w/carpet (must have rear bulkhead). NO exposed sheet metal

Not required but you must meet 5 from the list below (for Auto class only)
Differential on drive wheels (open, limited slip or locker)
Functional wipers
HVAC fan and vents (we will flip on your fan during inspection)
Brake booster
Side mirrors (if car came equipped with them from the factory)
Back seats (if car came equipped with them from the factory)
DOT approved/manufacturer approved for highway use (ET Street Radials ok, ET Street Bias ok, Hoosier Quick Times ok, not ET Street Radial Pro, not Hoosier DOT Drag Radial )

Exceptions to the auto class rules can be made on a case by case basis. For example, if one item like your horn or a window switch doesn't happen to work but wasn't purposely stripped from the car, we can grant you a pass in. The rules are only designed to keep excessively gutted, lightened or dedicated drag cars out of the competition. Please email me before registering if you have problems meeting the rules but would like to race.

Awards (all timeslips including test passes are eligible for all "quickest" awards)
$500 guaranteed cash and prizes, more depending on sponsors and entries
Auto Class Winner
RPM Award (Manual Class Winner)
Quickest fwd
Quickest 60'
Quickest import/sport compact (no v8's)
Quickest NA car
Quickest NA Import/Sport Compact
Quickest SUV/Truck
Biggest Break Down
Fastest Trap Speed
Biggest upset
* Awards subject to change depending on number of registrations

Registration Required
Current Registrants: coming soon

Makeup/Rain Date: If bad weather cancels the Oct 5th event, October 19th will be the makeup date, Cedar Falls Raceway